Monday, June 23, 2008

Conquer Your 6 Pack Quest - Top Secrets Revealed

It's Time to Begin Your 6 Pack Quest...

Razor-sharp 6 pack abs are the symbol of ultimate fitness and sexuality. Owners of such a perfect physique are admired by other men and desired by women. Building and maintaining such a body shows that you are strong, determined, and able to achieve any goal you set.

In June 2008, Vince DelMonte launched Your 6 Pack Quest, the ultimate program for developing the ultimate in six pack abs. In this package, Vince reveals the top training, nutrition, and psychological secrets he and the people he trains have used to build cover-model quality abs.

Millions of men strive for such perfect abs, but only a few complete the 6 pack quest. Vince DelMonte is one of those men. Starting out as a scrawny weakling of a child, DelMonte discovered the top secrets to carving the ultimate 6 pack abs and creating a body to be envied. As University-educated Kinesiologist, personal trainer and Canadian Fitness Model Champion, he has researched and tested the top secrets for conquering body fat and building incredible 6 pack abs.

I got my hands on the complete package prior to launch day, and am here to tell you what I found. The heart of this program is the 111-page No Nonsense 6 Pack eBook. In it, Vince lays out the entire plan, step-by-step, covering workouts, nutrition, and the all-important subject of motivation. While the results that people have reported from using this program are amazing, they're not magic. Wimps or people without true determination to complete this quest need not apply.

Get Your 6 Pack Quest Now!

You'll have to work hard to complete this 6 pack abs quest. You have to get your butt off the couch and sweat. You have to lay off the Friday night beer blasts, the candy bars, and the other crap you pig out on. That's why the first step in this plan is getting your head on straight and establishing the motivation to complete your quest.

But if you are determined and dedicated to success, this plan will show you how to get 6 pack abs that will be the envy of everyone you meet. It includes detailed workout guidelines starting from whatever level of fitness you are at right now. There's a complete collection of meal plans too. With these, you will eat five solid meals a day, chowing down on lots of great food while still shredding your fat and building that killer 6 pack.

Vince tackles the subject of supplements too. While stressing that supplements are not miracle workers, certain ones do have a place in the more intense parts of your quest. He cuts through the marketing hype in the fitness magazines and pinpoints the supplements that work, that provide a little extra boost for achieving the ultimate results.

Finally, Vince looks at the subject of lifestyle. Reaching the end of the 6 pack quest and developing a body that others envy is one thing. Keeping it for the long run is something else. Based on the simple question of whether any activity will move you closer to your goal or away from it, DelMonte addresses 6 pack destroying issues like eating out, sleeping, and dealing with stress in his typical no-BS manner.

Get Your 6 Pack Quest Now!

As if all this wasn't enough, DelMonte is giving a huge collection of bonuses to the first people who buy this program. In addition to the No Nonsense 6 Pack eBook, if you move fast, you will get these free bonuses:

  • Your No-Nonsense 6-Pack Workout DVD Series

  • Healthy 84 Day Meal Plans covering a wide range of calorie needs

  • The 16 Week 3 Day Metabolic Boost Program (for beginners or folks just getting back into it)

  • The 16 Week 4 Day Metabolic Extreme Program (for moderately fit people ready to start seeing their abs)

  • The 16 Week 5 Day Metabolic Overdrive Program (gives already fit folks the ultimate workout)

  • The 4 Week Bodyweight Program (30 minutes a day, 3 or 7 days a week to get you ready to lift weights)

  • The 16 Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts (this is no cardio you've ever seen before)

  • and much more, including free updates for life and an 8 week, no questions asked, money back guarantee

This package is amazing. But since Vince is only giving all the bonuses to the first 500 people who buy, you can't afford to wait around. I've also learned that the demand for this program is so high that Vince may be raising the price in a few days. If you are going to start your quest for 6 pack abs, do it today and take advantage of all the benefits of being one of the first. Click here and get started now!

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